An induction unlike any other

Written by CB Technology staff

10 July 2024

Two months into his time with us at CB Technology, our new Key Account Manager takes a breather to reflect on his experience with us so far. In his own words, Calum Hepburn writes… 


WHEN I recently joined CB Technology as a Key Account Manager, I had no idea how extraordinary and immersive my onboarding process would be. 

Instead of training in the specific tasks of my day-to-day role, the senior management at CB Technology designed a comprehensive six-week programme that allowed me to gain first-hand experience in every department and facet of the business - and I mean every department. 

One day, I was learning how to solder a transistor to a PCB board. The next day, I was helping run the X-ray machine.

CB Technology takes great pride in providing new employees with a deep, 360-degree understanding of the entire company's operations. And, this has been a unique experience.  

The induction gave me priceless insights into each department's challenges and perspectives. These will pay huge dividends when I work cross-functionally and consult with our customers to deliver ideal solutions.

The process has also helped me get to know my colleagues much sooner than usual. Building strong relationships from day one, I already feel like I'm part of the team working towards common goals.

Before joining CB Technology, I managed several high-profile clients in a reputed plastics manufacturing firm. While the electronics industry is a new domain, I can’t wait to collaborate with our clients and help increase their value proposition. 

CB Technology is a leading Scottish independent electronics manufacturer whose core service offerings perfectly match my expertise. But I don’t claim to know it all. I have a lot to learn about the intricacies of the electronics field, which is an exciting opportunity for upskilling that I look forward to.

Operating the X-ray machine, getting hands-on experience with soldering, and getting a warm welcome from my new colleagues have been highlights of my induction so far. The engaging approach to onboarding me has generated a strong appetite to hit the ground running. 

I look forward to making a real difference in our operations here at CB Technology and meeting all of our valued clients and suppliers.

Let’s go!