Supporting clients through the development cycle

Written by Graeme Robertson

03 September 2021

CB Technology began working with Utopi at the height of the first coronavirus lockdown in 2020, with the teams getting to know each other and learning about the project’s requirements over telephone calls and video conferences. Those initial steps meant CB Technology was involved in supporting the design of the electronics for manufacturability and material selection  as well as helping Utopi manage the supply chain for its plastic case, while keeping the costs within the client’s budget.

We worked with Utopi and their design partner, Censis to create an automated test solution such that the devices left the factory ready to be used and already tested on the remote transmission data network that forms the backbone of the building management control infrastructure designed by Utopi.

Our client commented "Working with CB Technology was like having an in-house manufacturing department. They worked so closely with us and kept us up to date at every step in the process, from the designs and the prototypes through to sourcing the components and testing the final devices. Having that project management support from CB Technology was key to the success of this project." 

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