UK electronics manufacturing: why the road to recovery starts at home

Written by Mozma Ahmed

19 November 2021

The dual pressure of the global pandemic and Brexit have dramatically reshaped the way the UK electronics manufacturing sector does business.

Whilst global supply chain challenges are clearly not over, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) have learned it can be quicker and smoother to use local manufacturers in the current circumstances.

On-shoring and localisation presents striking opportunities for EMS companies not only to meet immediate demand but to secure long-term custom that extends beyond the immediate impact of the pandemic and Brexit, with benefits such as increased flexibility, reduced risk, and significantly shorter delivery times.


Looking to the future

With the UK continuing its recovery following the pandemic, the electronics manufacturing industry remains an integral part of the economy and is well placed to support several vibrant sectors which will require a strong manufacturing base at home to drive economic growth.

As the biggest independent EMS company in Scotland, CB Technology is particularly pleased to see the space industry’s unprecedented growth. The value of the sector is expected to exceed £4 billion by 2030.

There has also been a spate of technology breakthroughs in the sensing, imaging and IoT technology sectors.

In a further key area of growth, the use of sensing technology in condition monitoring and industrial control is sharply on the rise as technology becomes more accurate and robust.

Progressive EMS companies are well placed to support thriving industries like these and others through early-stage alignments and proactive engagement and they offer huge promise to secure long-term success and security, post-pandemic.

Now is the time to seize the opportunities created by the changing dynamics of globalisation and ensure British manufacturing is at the heart of the industry’s road to recovery.


Read the full article, written by John Cameron, and published in Components in Electronics Magazine, here!