UK electronics manufacturing: three insights to shape 2022

Written by Mozma Ahmed

14 January 2022

2021 dramatically reshaped the way the UK electronics manufacturing sector does business – in no small part due to the dual pressure of the global pandemic and Brexit.

Yet despite the undeniable challenges of the past year, the UK electronics manufacturing industry is set to continue evolving over the next 12 months.

So what are the insights that will shape electronics manufacturers’ priorities in the coming years?


  1. Increased on-shoring of UK electronics manufacturing

To innovate and compete, onshoring and localisation presents great opportunities in the current circumstances.

OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) will use 2022 to review whether they should be souring products closer to home, without compromising on price, quality, and delivery.


  1. The rise of electronics manufacturing as a bolt-on service

2022 is finally time for electronic manufacturers to deliver on the end-to-end services they’ve promised for years.

Allow clients to tap into in-house expertise, ranging from design through supply chain management to fulfilment.


  1. The rush to climb aboard the UK’s space race and beyond

Electronics manufacturing industry is well placed to support a number of vibrant sectors.

The UK’s space industry has seen unprecedented growth. The value of the sector is expected to rocket across the next 12 months and exceed £4 billion by 2030.

2021 has also seen a space of technological breakthroughs in the sensing, imaging and IoT technology sectors.


Progressive electronics manufacturers are well placed in 2022 to support an array of emerging and thriving sectors through early-stage alignment and proactive engagement.


Read the full article, written by John Cameron, and published in Information Age.