The view from afar – how remote sensing can take a closer look at your needs

Written by Derek Dewar

15 April 2021

Sometimes we need to take a giant step back to get a clearer picture. Remote sensing - the science of acquiring important analytical information about an object or area from a distance - is tipped to help a multitude of sectors do just that.

At CB Technology we have proven experience in building and integrating remote sensing technologies into printed circuit boards and systems, designed for use in challenging working conditions. Our highly skilled engineers have taken learnings from working in traditional sensing industries including the oil & gas and energy sectors. Through using sophisticated high technology sensors, measurements such as temperature, pressure, humidity, toxicity, movement, gas emissions, vibration, corrosion and a whole host more can now be detected.

These sensors provide quantifiable physical, chemical and even biological properties. By converting these measurements into a readable electric signal, it is possible to quickly and easily interpret the data. Vast amounts of information can be gathered, stored and analysed using cloud-based technologies, allowing informed actions to take place efficiently.

Demand for this valuable information is rocketing. In 2019, the global remote sensing technology market was valued at $12.4 billion. It is predicted to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 11.6% over the next seven years.

Who can benefit?
Frankly, anyone.

When a remote sensing solution is integrated into your system, you no longer need to send engineers to survey and uncover any potential issues. The data collected will let you know if an engineer is required, and what work they need to undertake. Streamlining this process not only decreases cost but slashes the time spent in remote or hard to reach locations, such as oil platforms or pipelines, delivering tremendous advantages. 

This technology also increases productivity levels. In agriculture, remote monitoring can be used to determine and then optimise the best conditions for efficient and productive growth. From greenhouse plants to livestock, monitoring temperature, humidity, and even lighting conditions can improve quality of produce.

Remote sensing technology can also help retail outlets find new ways to increase sales. By using remote sensing to monitor customer patterns, such as movement around each store, retailers are able to use the data produced to optimise traffic management, determine how best to position products to increase exposure, inform visual merchandising efforts and optimise lighting control for best effect. It can help retailers to better manage access in response to Covid-19 restrictions, limiting potential exposure, and keeping customers and employees safe.

And as the healthcare sector scrambles to find new ways to meet the challenges presented by the pandemic, remote patient monitoring will be vital. Patient data, such as blood pressure and heart rate, can be transmitted from a safe distance to clinicians, allowing diagnostic and treatment decisions to be made remotely. 

Transport infrastructures can use ultrasonic and acoustic remote sensing to monitor traffic to better manage smart transport networks and support proactive maintenance of railways. These technologies will also be integral in running a growing number of Smart City projects as smoothly and efficiently as possible. 

How can we help?
Our extensive experience of integrating sensing technology into printed circuit boards or systems.  We then test and calibrate them through harsh pressure and temperature environments to ensure accuracy of measurements and repeatable performance in these conditions.

Our remote sensor capabilities include:

  • Advanced sensor building and integration
  • Exceptional testing and calibration processes
  • Detailed knowledge of how electronics manage and convert the sensor’s output to a digitised stream of data for analysis
  • Creation of hand-held, ruggedised sensor, remote sensor and communication products

This is complimented by our strong experience of working with various communication technologies utilised in remote sensing, including traditional serial wired communication, WIFI, Bluetooth, Zigbee and RFI (radio frequency identification). 

We understand the wide range of sensing technologies and can apply our expertise to create a robust manufacturing and test solution that ensures your objectives are met throughout the project.

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