Supporting UK life sciences with complete manufacturing services

Written by Graeme Robertson

09 May 2022

The UK life sciences industry enjoys an enviable reputation and attracts talent from around the world as researchers and engineers are drawn towards its thriving academic and commercial excellence. 

However, supply chain issues caused by Brexit and the pandemic risk the UK falling behind its international competition. The availability of raw materials and components – and the time it takes to get them from suppliers to manufacturers – are causing headaches for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in the life sciences sector and beyond, whether they’re producing their own MedTech devices or making equipment for use in laboratories.

CB Technology is helping to overcome these challenges by focusing its sights back on Britain and collaborating with local life sciences businesses.

University spin-outs and start-ups form the backbone of the life sciences sector but it’s unlikely that they have the full range of in-house skills required to deal with suppliers across the globe. This is where local manufacturers can step up and get the job done. 

As a complete manufacturing services provider of high level assemblies, CB technology has the expertise to assist life sciences businesses in developing product design that is cheaper, more manufacturable and faster to market. Our strong relationships with our supply base mean that we can work alongside potential suppliers to assess products from a designed-for-manufacturing point of view, ensuring a smoother, more efficient production process. 

CB Technology is proud to play its part in manufacturing and supply chain processes alongside Britain’s thriving entrepreneurial start-ups, helping drive the UK life sciences sector to the next level. 


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