Shaping CB Technology and the material market future

Written by Graeme Robertson

25 April 2023

Not many boardrooms, or manufacturers, could have predicted the impact that covid would have on the global supply chain. In 2021 the manufacturing industry experienced difficulties within the supply chain as well as a global shortage of materials. 

It is only now that the supply chain is getting back to pre-pandemic level, and we are seeing light at the end of the tunnel. Some suppliers continue to focus on immediate profit, rather than establishing long term relationships and deals with manufacturers. 

This was why it has always been important for CB Technology to ensure stable relationships with reliable suppliers as well as ensure that our materials were up to the standard we, and our customers, expected. CB Technology hand-picks suppliers with strong reputations, high quality products, and consistency to maintain growth. These relationships are crucial to the electronics manufacturing industry, and the manufacturing sector as a whole.

Stuart Cameron is the purchasing manager at CB Technology. He heads a team that’s responsible for procurement of goods and services at CB Technology. His role covers a full range of activities including evaluation of suppliers, contract negotiation and reviewing product quality.

Stuart joined the team in August 2022 during a challenging time for the manufacturing sector as a whole, with production across the UK falling  by 1.8% between July and August of that year. But CB Technology was eager to focus on delivering an ambitious growth plan, which started with our talented team of procurement professionals.

Stuart’s position in CB Technology makes him crucial to the relationships we have with our suppliers, but also to mitigating potential issues such as non delivery and reviewing disaster recovery plans.  

One way in which his team reduces these issues is by having few single-source materials, and working closely with our partners to ensure that all risk is minimised. 

Global shortages and reduced manufacturing capacity in some regions have resulted in reliance on a larger number of suppliers than in previous years. Occasionally our customers will have approved suppliers that we work with in the manufacturing process, which also allows us to work efficiently.

We have an established supply base and over the years have developed many long term relationships. They have seen the volume of business increase over the last few years as CB Technology continues to deliver on its growth plan. Our suppliers have benefited from our increased trade, Stuart and his team have been able to secure volume related discounts, which in turn benefits our customers.

The purchasing team’s collective efforts have made the company sustain and grow during a challenging period for most businesses. Their specialties in local and global procurement have been crucial in developing CB Technology’s FY 23, and ensuring that we continually maintain our position in the market.