Primed for success with Prototyping through Value-Added Engineering

Written by Graeme Robertson

06 May 2024

Prototyping is a vital stage in product development, as electronics are ubiquitous in modern life, from everyday appliances to safety-critical systems in aerospace and healthcare.

As an electronics manufacturing service provider, prototyping is a key facet of our service offering. Our approach to prototyping is unwavering, whether we work with innovative start-ups or more established blue-chip companies.

Bolstered by several decades of improvements to our processes, CB Technology has established itself as a true leader in electronics manufacturing services by helping clients navigate the complexities of product development and manufacturing. 

When onboarding a new client, our teams at CB Technology prioritise the prototyping phase, recognising it as a vital opportunity to identify and address any potential issues before moving forward.

The Value of Prototyping

Prototyping is more than just a box to check on the project timeline; it's a powerful tool to help companies create cost-effective, manufacturable, and market-ready products.

At the Prototyping stage, our teams can engage with potential suppliers, critique the design, and assess it from a design-for-manufacturing perspective.

By separating the product into different prototypes, each with its own specific goal, CB Technology’s engineers ensure that the final product is robust in terms of its physical state and its manufacturability. 

This approach helps identify and address any structural weaknesses and allows the team to explore the most cost-effective ways to build the product, ultimately reducing unexpected expenses and delays.

Value Engineering for the Perfect Prototype

In addition to the prototyping process, CB Technology also offers a comprehensive value engineering service known as VAVE (Value-Added Value Engineering). This service focuses on three critical aspects of the product: design for materials, design for manufacturing, and design for testing.

By evaluating these aspects early in the design process, our expert engineers can provide valuable feedback, identify cost-reduction opportunities, and propose alternative design solutions. This collaborative approach helps our clients deliver design efficiencies and quality improvements, ultimately reducing costs and time to market.

Navigating Uncertain Supply Chains

Following a robust prototyping and value engineering strategy allows CB Technology to guard itself against sudden changes in global supply chain patterns. By understanding the parts required and ensuring that backup options are readily available, the team can help clients react quickly and avoid unnecessary delays once the build order is received.

We do this by maintaining strong relationships with trusted suppliers and focusing on intelligent product design and increased manufacturability. We are well-equipped and adequately stocked on raw materials to help our clients navigate the uncertainties of the supply chain, ensuring their products can reach the market on time and within budget.

A Trusted Partner for Your Product's Success

We deeply understand the manufacturing process, constantly upgrading our equipment and software, and having the best experience in the field, which allows us to provide invaluable support to clients from the beginning of a project. 

Contact a member of our team to learn more about our expertise in bringing your product to life. Email us at sales@cbtechnology[.]co[.]uk to start your product development/enhancement journey.