Navigating change in uncertain times

Written by John Cameron

04 November 2020

CB Technology has partnered with Be the Business to deliver a Content Series designed to help manufacturers with current business challenges they may be facing.

You can access the content following the links below:

CB Technology is finding opportunities for growth in an unstable market. 

How the crisis triggered changes to CB Technology’s marketing and sales strategy

A ‘burning platform’ mentality pushed CB Technology to increase factory capacity.

Business leaders from around the country are coming together to share their recovery stories on Rebuild, a Be the Business initiative to bring free expert advice on recovery tactics, stories from peers and access to like-minded people to bounce ideas off. Watch the video for a short introduction to Rebuild.

Be the Business, a not for profit organisation, was launched in November 2017 with funding and support from the UK government and some of Britain’s leading companies. They work with the entire business community to share what works for today’s best businesses with every company that wants to learn and improve.

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