Manufacturing is an ever-green career choice

Written by John Cameron, Managing Director of CB Technology

01 March 2023

The UK's manufacturing sector employs an estimated 2.7 million, and is set to grow steadily over the next coming years. This positive growth trend means manufacturing companies like CB Technology are looking to employ, or upskill existing staff to meet market demands. Staying at the bleeding edge of the latest trends makes the manufacturing industry a great career option to pursue.

So what jobs are available? 

The electronics manufacturing industry is diverse with plenty of opportunities afoot, some companies focus on manufacturing products, while some turn their focus to research and development. Eventually, their joint efforts yield some of the products in our living rooms and kitchens. Or in some cases our hospitals and transport systems. 

A job in electronics manufacturing is not a one size fits all-role. For instance, within CB Technology there are people who come from a range of backgrounds and specialties, whose joint efforts help the company run smoothly. The specific jobs and products developed may change over time,but there will always be a need for a range of experiences and specialties.

There are jobs within manufacturing that may come as a surprise to some. Much like other industries we employ software engineers, marketing, and sales teams. We have staff that perform day-to-day manufacturing, maintenance, and quality control testing.

Without each of these roles, and many more, it would be impossible for CB Technology and the wider manufacturing community to continue to provide high quality services to our customers.

Are there any learning and growth opportunities?
CB Technology is proof that the industry is experiencing growth, over the last five years the company has grown significantly. It’s a learning curve with every new customer and their manufacturing needs. 

Apprenticeship programmes are helping companies bridge the gap, and tap into the new workforce entering the market. Apprenticeships are crucial to the future of the electronics manufacturing industry as they allow young people to receive first hand experience that will influence their career paths by learning what current manufacturers know and how they perform specific tasks. 

Subsequently, apprentices introduce a fresh set of eyes on challenges, or did not realise we faced in the first place. They have a large impact on the way we function as a sector. 

Meanwhile, existing staff can use their specialist knowledge and experiences to look towards the future to predict changes and challenges. The upskilling and growth of staff is undoubtedly important to manufacturing.

In a 2022 study it was identified that 80% of workers in the manufacturing industry are interested in upskilling, 10% more than the national average. This might be due to ever changing customers and challenges, but I like to think that the industry is full of curious and keen employees who look forward to adapting and shifting their roles.

What about the future?
A job in manufacturing is an enjoyable, satisfying, reliable, and consistent sector to get into. It is an industry which will always be in demand in one way or another, and there are plenty of opportunities for anyone who is willing to try something new.

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