Investing in Equipment

Written by Alex Harte, Operations Director, CB Technology

10 July 2023

For centuries machines have helped us simplify and automate tasks. In fact, simple tools and machines have been aiding humans since 3 BC. More recently, the industrial revolution, which began right here in 18th-century Britain, has helped us transform the way we manufacture goods.

Since then, the innovation and hard work to keep perfecting and improving tasks have not stopped. Machines have helped in ‘precision engineering’ several goods and products, many of which have benefited from the ‘conveyor-belt’ assembly line style of production first made popular by American automaker Ford. 

As a leading independent Scottish PCB and electronics manufacturer, CB Technology has always looked to upgrade its machines, processes, and systems to keep up to date with the latest industry standard. 

Over the last two years, CB Technology has purchased a state-of-the-art wave soldering Electra machine, an additional vapour phase oven, an 2D X-ray machine, and the latest Miele industrial wash system

The wave soldering Electra machine addresses skilled soldering resource constraints and increases our capacity and output. While the industrial washing machine upgrades our washing performance, reliability, and capacity significantly.

Unlike smartphones and other consumer electronics industrial-grade machinery used by manufacturers such as CB Technology doesn’t require frequent upgrades. New machinery is equipped with advanced technologies and features that can enhance productivity and efficiency, which makes selecting the right equipment critical.

We do this by conducting an annual capex review against the capacity, performance, reliance, and age of our machines to determine when to invest. Purchasing new equipment is usually tied to our investment plans with the following financial year’s budget. There’s little room for error when industrial manufacturers select the equipment, as the impact could not only impact operations but finances as well.

To stay well-informed our team often visits manufacturing exhibitions such as the Southern Manufacturing Exhibition, networking at best-practice conferences, and supplier open days to ensure we are aware of the latest and most cutting-edge technology available.

CB Technology will continue to make upgrades to its equipment, investing a significant portion of our budgets with an eye on the future.

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