Industrial monitoring: sensing the future of safety

Written by Graeme Robertson

29 October 2021

While the pandemic highlighted the critical need for technology to support remote working, it has also spurred a raft of technological developments that go far beyond helping employees work from home.

Remote monitoring that supports off-site working and offers safer work environments for employees has seen a boom across sectors including industry, energy, transportation and healthcare.

Traditionally, sensing technologies monitor the performance of infrastructure and systems that are difficult to observe as a result of harsh operating conditions, difficulty of access or hazardous working environments. These include wind turbines, electricity substations and offshore platforms, as well as rolling stock in railways, aircraft and cargo ships.

The recent increase in demand for sensing technologies that support workplace safety has given rise to smart watches that better monitor the proximity of workers on industrial sites, alongside ruggedised technology that monitors rolling stock on railways and highlights when the need arises for proactive maintenance or repair.

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