How Industry Conferences Can Pave the Future for Scottish Manufacturing

Written by Graeme Robertson

26 October 2022

Over the past few weeks I have had the pleasure of attending the 7th CENSIS Tech Summit and the Manufacturing & Supply Chain Conference & Exhibition respectively. Conferences such as these are important for the Scottish tech and manufacturing industries as they showcase the significant role that Glasgow plays as a centre for manufacturing.

Demonstrating what we can do
At CB technology we believe it is important for us to attend such events as they serve several purposes within the industry. Primarily, they allow us to illustrate our capabilities, promote market awareness of who we are and what we do as a market leader in the electronics manufacturing industry. 

Ensuring visibility
They also offer us a chance to network with our current customers, as well as key suppliers and industry bodies, in an organised manner and for a concentrated period of time. To do this outside of a conference or exhibition would take several days to arrange and execute, which means that industry events are a crucial opportunity for stakeholders in tech and manufacturing to galvanise and build upon relationships and connections - beneficial for the future as well as the present. 

Building new partnerships
The networking possibilities offered by these conferences feed the development of the industry and provide us with critical linkages that are required to take manufacturing in Scotland forward. The showcasing of technology, design and developments allows us to link directly with the supply chain and manufacturing service providers to have open and strong communication channels. This helps companies tap into knowledge and expertise to support their product development and company growth.

Highlighting industry trends
These recent events focused on two different trends in electronics manufacturing. The first trend, and one which has been growing extensively, is the deployment of IoT solutions and supporting remote monitoring of almost everything, from the environment (e.g. the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) monitoring water cleanliness and atmospheric deposition) to health and fitness.  The second trend we spotted was how building management is driving a greener approach and giving much more focus to Net Zero goals. 

Focus on growth
When talking to attendees at both conferences, and listening to various keynote speakers, it is clear that the industry is keen to focus on internal growth and showcasing the fantastic technological developments that Scotland can bring to the market such as medical technologies, sensing innovations and IoT devices. As we continue to recover and grow post-covid, we can see many companies are making up for lost time. They are looking for manufacturers to help them develop and quickly bring their products to market. This can be done successfully through integration and close involvement of the localised support infrastructure and services like those provided by CB Technology in the electronics manufacturing sector.

Industry conferences serve many essential roles in the sector - showcasing capabilities, offering networking opportunities, bringing to the fore industry trends and driving growth. These are essential aspects of bolstering the future of Scottish manufacturing. We look forward to being part of future industry events.