Embracing Automation While Keeping the Human Touch

Written by David Robinson, Test Engineering Manager, CB Technology

26 February 2024

David Robinson, test engineering manager, writes on how robotics and AI are changing manufacturing, but not replacing human workers

The manufacturing industry has undergone a technology-driven revolution over the past few decades. Advancements in robotics, artificial intelligence (AI), and automation have led to significant changes in the way products are made. While there have been some fear of technology working against humans taking away jobs, the reality is that smart integration of automation can actually benefit both workers and companies.  

Rather than full automation that cuts workers out of the process, the future points to collaborative human-robot teams. Repetitive and dangerous jobs can be handed over to machines, freeing up human workers for more complex and creative tasks that require adaptability and critical thinking. Studies show that augmented automation leads to improved job satisfaction along with increased productivity.

There is no doubt that implementing new technologies requires investment in retraining the existing workforce. And companies who view this as an opportunity for upskilling, versus simply cutting costs, will reap dividends. A skilled and agile blended workforce is the competitive advantage manufacturers should strive for. 

Automation is the inevitable next step for the manufacturing sector with humans remaining central to the process. Workers bring problem-solving abilities, intuition and strategic thinking that cannot currently be replicated by AI. 

The most innovative companies will find new ways to combine the precision and speed of technology with uniquely human imagination and insight. By embracing automation with a focus on collaboration, manufacturers can build a stronger, more productive and more satisfying workplace.

At CB Technology, we have always embraced this collaborative approach to automation and workforce development. We invest heavily in training programmes that allow our employees to work side-by-side with advanced manufacturing technologies. 

This produces unmatched manufacturing precision while keeping job satisfaction high. Our talented team of humans paired with smart machines is what enables CB Technology to deliver the highest quality products.

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