CB People: Facilitating and coordinating customer needs

Written by Graeme Robertson

14 December 2020

Name: Derek Dewar
Job title: Sales and Business Development Manager

Describe your role
Primarily I facilitate and coordinate customer needs and priorities and transition these into our operational and strategic business focus. Each customer is different – from funded start-ups and scale-ups who rely on our engineering and manufacturing expertise to blue chip OEMs who depend on our operational excellence.

How would you explain your job to a member of the public?
My role is to both build and grow our partnerships with our current customers and engage new customers that can benefit from our extensive service offering.

What could you not do your job without?
This is absolutely 100% a team effort. From the immediate front-end support team to each internal department who all demonstrate the willingness to support, adapt and be flexible in our approach to satisfying and exceeding customer needs.

What is the most important skill you need for your job?
Communication and attention to detail. It is vitally important that we fully understand the customer requirement and that these are clearly communicated internallY.

Describe how your role relates to others/fits with the end to end solution at CB Technology.
As part of our front-end team we act as the conduit for information in and out of the business. Making customers aware of all we can do and liaising internally with what we need to do.

How do you add value to the customer?
Building trust through honesty and integrity. Customers often have complex and unique requirements. The value we provide is meeting these requirements with exceptional service and performance.

What advice would you give your 21 year old self? (assuming you are over 21!)
Listen more and understand the full picture. Detail is important!

How do you relax?
Definite sports fan – particularly golf and football. Over recent years have developed a keen interest in grassroots football through my sons’ involvement at this level.

What superpower would be most useful in doing your job at CB?
It would have to be Professor X (X-Men). Telepathy, Psionics, Psychokinesis, Eidetic memory – all these powers would be hugely useful in the EMS world.