CB People: Buying Team meet customer needs

Written by Graeme Robertson

22 June 2022

Name: Alison Corner
Job Title: Senior Buyer

Describe your role? 
As a senior buyer it is my responsibility to purchase all material requirements in a timely manner while ensuring that I purchase the highest quality parts at the best price possible. Communicating with suppliers and internal team members to make sure all parts are available when required. Our greatest challenge at the moment is the ongoing component availability challenges in our marketplace, however, with our strong network of suppliers we continue to meet the challenge and maintain supply to our customers. 

How would you explain your job to a member of the public? 
My job is to purchase parts that are within a target price range which are required for a certain date. I liaise with the delivery team to ensure parts are delivered at the right location and on time. 

What could you not do your job without? 
I could not work without the internet. It’s now an essential tool when sourcing parts and makes it easier to source them all over the world. 

What is the most important skill you need for your job? 
Communication skills and an eye for detail.  I need to communicate with suppliers from all over the world and also all the internal teams. Keeping people informed of delivery statuses and requirements is essential.

Describe how your role relates to others/fits with the end-to-end solution at CB? 
As a senior buyer it is my responsibility to work closely with the sales, stores and production teams to make sure that I understand their requirements for builds and have the materials onsite in a timely manner for them. 

How do you add value to the customer? 
I add value to the customer by purchasing all their requirements within their required standards with honesty and integrity, they can rely on me to buy the best quality parts for them.

What advice would you give your 21-year-old self? (Assuming you are over 21) 
Get to know your end product inside out, it makes buying the parts for them much easier and always double check your orders before you send them.

How do you relax?
I love being in the kitchen cooking or working in the garden as I like to grow my own food. When I am not doing this I really enjoy making my own jewellery and love to capture photos of food and wildlife - anything creative really!

What superpower would be most useful in doing your job at CB?
Chronokinesis (the ability to control time) this would allow me to see future outcomes of orders and go back to the past and amend details like delivery dates so that all orders are delivered exactly when they are needed. I could also pause time when I need to focus and not be interrupted!