CB in the Community: Foundations of successful CSR by supporting Scotland’s CHAS

Written by Graeme Robertson

20 May 2024

CB Technology employee Ivy Stewart has been raising funds for a local charity, CHAS, after tragedy befell a colleague. Preferring to remain low-key and let her work speak for itself, Ivy joined us for a rare chat.

Every week, three children in Scotland die from an incurable condition. Sadly, in 2016, one of our colleagues lost their young niece to a rare cancer that affects children in the 5- to 9-year-old age group. Deeply moved by this, Ivy Stewart, one of our Quality Inspectors at CB Technology, has since dedicated her time and effort to help make a difference. 

For the last eight years, Ivy has been working to raise funds for the Children's Hospices Across Scotland (CHAS), driving incredibly impactful grassroots charity work from right here within our CB Technology offices. 

What started as a heartfelt effort to raise funds for a young colleague's niece has blossomed into an ongoing mission close to all of our hearts.


Who is CHAS, and why we support its efforts

CHAS provide comprehensive support for children with life-shortening conditions, including palliative care, family respite, hospice, home care, and hospital services. Over 300 employees work across 11 sites in Scotland. They run two children's hospices, Rachel and Robin House, in Kinross and Balloch. 

Many charities struggle to raise sufficient funds to support their operations, and CHAS is no exception. The COVID-19 pandemic made it even more challenging for CHAS to secure donations, as charity events become scarce, and funding almost dried up for many charitable organisations. While the Scottish Government and local authorities do contribute to CHAS's funding, the organisation relies heavily on voluntary donations to sustain its operations.

The saying ‘every little bit helps’ is especially true for CHAS, which is the underlying factor driving Ivy’s cause within CB Technology. 


How we have helped

Since 2017, Ivy has raised £15,000 and counting through innovative initiatives like operating an office tuck shop, organising bi-annual staff raffles, and holding regular bake sales. 

Over the last few years, Ivy has rallied her colleagues' support to run the tuck shop in her absence and manage other day-to-day tasks, making it a permanent fixture in our break room at our Livingston offices. 

The numbers alone are impressive, but what makes us most proud is the spirited way this effort has taken shape. What’s even more special is that she manages to do all this on her own time.

Other CB Technology team members routinely donate prizes and baked goods and spend valuable time supporting Ivy's work. Meanwhile, family members of CB Technology staff who don’t work at the company are also involved. 

For instance, one employee’s wife always puts together beautiful gift hampers, complete with curled ribbons and cellophane wrapping. What started as an understated community-driven effort has become vital to our company's culture and identity.

(L-R) Gillian Aitken, Specialist Hand Solderer; Ivy Stewart, Quality Inspector; Tracey Kerr, Quality Technician; Donna Heap, SMT Lead Operator.

Image caption: (L-R) Gillian Aitken, Specialist Hand Solderer; Ivy Stewart, Quality Inspector; Tracey Kerr, Quality Technician; Donna Heap, SMT Lead Operator.

More than just writing a cheque

Ivy’s painstaking efforts come from a deep-rooted desire for compassion towards a loss that was unfathomable to everyone at CB Technology. It is what sparked our first commitment to give back to the local community, embodying the true meaning of corporate social responsibility.  

For CB Technology, it goes far beyond cutting periodical cheques and truly supporting a cause that matters to everyone. Ivy is a beacon of inspiration, empowering our colleagues to give back in ways that are organic and personal to them, strengthening the fabric of support in our community on a profound level.

If you are interested in participating in fundraising or volunteering at CHAS, call 0131 444 1900 or drop them a line at support@chas.org.uk. They even help develop bespoke business partnerships, allowing companies to support them in a way that best suits them.