Building lasting relationships

Written by Derek Dewar

08 May 2023

As an independent electronics manufacturer, one of the most important aspects of maintaining a consistent supply chain is developing interpersonal relationships with our customers and our suppliers. We have a team dedicated to nurturing and strengthening these relationships to ensure the best possible outcomes for customers' products.

Our relationships with our suppliers are vital to ensuring we have consistent and reliable supplies of potentially hard to come by resources. This benefits both our current customers and our future customers, who we can work closely with to ensure the quality and quantity of raw material matches the needs of the product. Having excellent quality raw materials can help us to produce a high performing and consistently dependable product. We advise our customers on what materials would best fit the needs, and also the budget or other restrictions our customers may have.

Scottish manufacturing in particular requires mutual understanding and a clear exchange of communication from all parties involved. Engaging with a local manufacturer allows regular visits to ensure that a product fits the requirements. If your manufacturer is abroad, this process is a time consuming and expensive one, particularly if the product in development is complicated. fThis provides us with the flexibility to create as many prototypes as necessary until the finished product exceeds expectations. 

In the manufacturing business we often collaborate with third party supply chain suppliers and work closely with all parties to come to an arrangement that benefits everyone. Sometimes this means suggesting a different supplier or different materials that may be more suitable for the product. The CB Technology team has vast experience with working with suppliers which allows us to make informed decisions for our customers.

CB Technology allocates a Business Development Manager for each customer; this way we can work closely with our customers and suppliers. Our managers are able to respond to situations quickly to any issues, for example, if any issues with suppliers arise we can make alternative arrangements with an alternative supplier. Rest assured, we have multiple suppliers for each material, ensuring that we always have constant access to what our customers need to create a strong and durable product.

Relationships are, at the end of the day, the heart of Scottish manufacturing. Our customers' success is our own success. Our relationships become their relationships. Working with CB Technology, means not only working with us as a manufacturer but also as a consultant and a partner.