Benefits of an EMS manufacturing partnership

Written by Mozma Ahmed

02 February 2022

Original Electronics Manufacturers (OEMs) often decide to outsource to Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) providers, to reduce their operating costs and improve manufacturability, allowing them to concentrate on their core competencies.

By entrusting the project to an already established EMS company, OEMs will be provided with custom solutions across the entire manufacturing sphere.

Let’s take a closer look at how partnering with an EMS provider can help OEMs gain a competitive advantage.

Experienced team of experts

Expanding in-house manufacturing capabilities may not be an option for companies looking to scale up quickly in today’s fast-paced business environment. It may not be cost-effective for OEMs to allocate working capital to set up a fully functional production facility, including machinery and staff. Instead, a partnership with EMS enables OEMs to free up internal resources and focus on their core competencies.

EMS companies have a team of experts who have the capability and experience of developing products across multiple industries. EMS understand the technical, logistical, and design challenges. Involving their highly skilled, qualified engineers at an early stage of the design process is a key aspect of value-added services. With their engineering expertise, they will quickly get to grips with the product and look to deliver design efficiencies and quality improvements.

New talent, capabilities, and perspectives

From production staff, buyers, to engineers, a great EMS company will support OEMs by evaluating the product design from a design-for-manufacturing perspective and flag any possible improvements – for example - cutting down on the numbers of parts used, suggesting suppliers who may offer components at a lower price, or opting for more readily available materials.

Working with a high-capability EMS provider has the potential to bring significant cost savings. EMS companies are there to help eliminate problems commonly encountered at the start of the project, improving product reliability and performance, resulting in reduced costs and lead times.

Improved product performance, quality, and reliability

Working with an EMS provider with a wide range of industry accreditations and qualifications, such as ISO certificates and IPC standards, will ensure a repeatable build process, delivering products to a high standard. Products will go through multiple tests throughout the manufacturing process to detect any production faults in order to guarantee that the final product will function properly.

Future-proofing the supply chain

EMS companies bring a vetted supply chain and have access to a large network of trusted suppliers who provide top-quality materials - many of whom they have long-standing relationships with. EMS providers have dedicated staff to source parts, keeping tabs on what is available in the market, negotiating the best deals for their customers. The aim is to prevent any possible sourcing issues such as component obsolescence or shortages, with the EMS provider bearing the responsibility for the procurement of materials.

What to expect from a partnership with CB Technology?

Here at CB Technology, we work with you, not for you!

We hold detailed meetings and workshops, taking the time to listen to our customers in order to really understand your business and where we can add the most value. Projects are divided into distinct phases and capabilities. This means that every stage of the process is optimised – keeping your quality high, and your time-to-market short.

We have the expertise to fuel your growth; the capability to deliver.

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